How We Work

Brickhouse Building is a General Contractor and Project Management Company. We help home owners with every facet of their home project from the initial planning stage, to the end finished project.

As Project Managers/General Contractors, we hire sub trades to complete the work required. Our job is to look for the most efficient and cost effective way to manage your project from the early design process, through the construction phase and then on to completion. This process is entirely open for the home owner to be a part of. We do not limit access to your project or make changes difficult to achieve. Communication is the key to delivering a successful project and our owners always have access to their project and to us by direct cell and email.

Payment to trades and our service is simple. We do not bill home owners under a ‘cost plus’ method. All billing throughout your project is directly billed from the sub trade to the home owner. The process is completely transparent so that the owner will see what they are paying in material and labour. Our payment for service is based on an agreed upon timeline for completion of the project and our Management fee. The management fee is then invoiced monthly with a small holdback amount on completion to allow the home owner time to 'settle in'

The Process

  • Consultation meeting about your project, timeline and budget. These consulting meetings are free with no limit
  • A decision to hire Brickhouse is made, building contract and budget agreed upon and signed by all parties
  • Arrangement for all pre construction trades are made, and a start date is agreed upon
  • Construction phase begins. Weekly progress reports are emailed to the home owner
  • Completion phase
  • Move in phase

We are confident that home owners will feel like they are well informed and apart of the building process.

We hope you found the information here helpful. Please contact us directly with questions or to arrange a consultation meeting.

Thank you